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Reliance Subscribers - Just SMS M @ 5555 for news, jokes, ringtones, blink/flash/pic msg, op logo, tourism, film, bullion, chat, mms, games, directory, dictionary, cricket, recipe, drinks etc....
 May I Help U - Value Added Services Helpline

By accessing the Value Added Services (VAS) on SMS via Access No. 5555 or by, you acknowledge and agree that:

1. Your mobile phone number (MSISDN) will be used for transmission of SMS through the High Tech Infosystems's (HTI's) Server for VAS.

2. The cost of a outgoing SMS will be charged to your Reliance Telecom Ltd. (RTL) phone for each SMS sent from your mobile phone number.

3. You remain solely responsible for all content originated from you and transmitted via HTI's Server for VAS ("Content/Graphics etc."), and you shall accordingly indemnify High Tech Infosystems and RTL against all third party claims relating to your Content or your use of the VAS through Access No. 5555 or due to your act, negligence or omission, and

4. Neither High Tech Infosystems nor Reliance Telecom Ltd. will be liable for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss whatsoever as a result of your using the Value Added Services (VAS) on SMS via Access No. 5555.


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