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MMS Album:
The MMS Album provides customers with immediate access to a long-term repository for multimedia content. The MMS Album can be accessed by web, WAP or SMS.

The MMS content is structured around the concept of folders. Third Party Content Providers can maintain Public Folders and make them available to all users, while end users can create personal folders that can then be shared with specific users. Many different types of content can be stored including complete MMS, still images, animated images, sound files, text clips and java application files (requires Java add-on). End users can customize the look and feel according to taste and occasions.  
Through the web, WAP SMS interfaces the end customer can browse, search, move between galleries, select content, upload and download content, share out content items and send items via MMS or email. The MMS Album provides an operator with a range of reports and logging information that allow operators to obtain high value CRM data on what their customers are doing with their content and how they are using it.

MMS Album

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My Library l Public Library l Message Composer
  Add New Album l Inside 13 Album l Space Used 1.2 MB of 4.0 MB max
  Album Name l Upload File l New MMS l Rename Album



Original Image:

Light Effects

Flash Light

Parallel Blue

Soft Omni

Crossing Down

Lens Effect

Lens Ripple

Lens Shear

Lens Twril

Lens Zig-Zag




Neon Glow




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